Men Tied Up

Men Tied Up by Women & Milked

Man Tied Up & Tortured By Dominatrix

Today's video features a man tied up and tortured by a sexy dominatrix. The guy is tied up in a harness with his legs and arms spread eagle. He is totally suspended and cannot move in the harness - leaving him completely vulnerable to anything his mistress chooses to do. And believe me; this hot dominatrix knows exactly what she wants to do to him!

Man Tied Up

Tied Up and Tortured - Watch Here

Having got the man tied up the mistress begins the torture session. She starts with some nipple clamps and various implements to apply pain to his nipples, balls and feet. The guy is gagged but not blindfolded so he can see what is coming but cannot call out. As each implement is applied, the pain gets gradually more intense until you can see the guy looking seriously worried. At this point the mistress brings out a candle and lights it. She holds the flame beneath his balls, making him jump and squirm like crazy. Once she has built up a reservoir of wax in the candle, she begins to pour it onto his chest, stomach and then onto his cock and balls.

Seeing this man tied up and tortured in this way is an awesome sight. Watching the hot wax dripping from the candle and completely coating his cock and balls looks so painful, you can almost feel it yourself. But the most painful part is the removal of the wax. Put it this way - he starts out with some pubic hair but there isn't much left by the time the wax comes off!

You can watch this man being tied up and tortured with hot wax on this link...

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